Wat Zijn De Stappen Om Het Amzon Kindle Apparaat Handmatig Bij Te Werken?

Kindle is used by millions of users around the world and the device was launched by Amazon. If you are new to this device then let me give you a brief about this device, this machine gives its users a wonderful e-books reading experience where a user also has access to share and send files to their friends. The device got much success and it has made a special place in the heart of millions. When you use this machine, a user needs to update new software updates and you can do this manually where you just need to download and install the updates manually.

In this blog, we are going to offer you a complete description of steps that will help in updating this device manually. You can also take help from Bellen kindle team to complete this process.

Steps to follow:

Process: 1 Transfer of software update to Kindle


First, you need to turn it on and connect your device to a computer via USB cable.

Once you do so, you can drag and drop a new update file with the help of your computer to Kindle drive.

You need to check that you are not dropping a file to one folder within Kindle fire.


Process: 2 Monitoring of your files transfer and disconnection


Once the transfer of files gets finished, you need to eject your device in a safe mode from your computer.


Process: 3 Begin with Software update


First, you have to reach “Home” then click on menu icon from its “Settings”.

Next, navigate to “Menu” icon to update your machine and with this option that updates you have already installed on your machine turn grey.


You have click “Ok” to carry on the update process and you will notice that Kindle is getting updated.


Once this updates process gets over restart your machine.


By following these manual steps, you are able to solve this query and won’t cause any trouble anymore and in case, you find any complications then make a Bellen Kindle nederland. In few simple steps, your complications will get removed with the help of support technicians.